To say "this is unacceptable in a civilized world" would be a laughable and pathetic granddaddy of all understatements. This is a horror show, under-reported by the US press (though other countries are not so timid) and must stop, even, in our opinion, if it means Congress demands that Twitter take itself offline and rebuild its framework from the ground up into something resembling what one might imagine of a world not fallen to the hands of the worst humankind has to offer. In our opinion, Twitter's fundamental enabling style of communication has done nothing less than unleash the horror of countless sadistic psychopaths waiting to strike, hiding behind the innocent-looking bluebird which greets unwary internet travelers, leaving millions devastated and in fear, and apparently many dead each year because with their reputations totally ruined - searchable on any search engine - and humiliated and terrorized into total despair, they take their own lives. This isn't dramatic fiction - this is what's happening all over the world. As you read this right now millions of people are suffering in emotional torment - this moment - because Twitter cannot or refuses to police itself into something a civilized world would regard as acceptable. Year after year media and victims all over the world complain by the score, while millions of others go mostly unheard, left to suffer the wrath of Twitter's Bluebird of Happiness, and Twitter appears to give only the slimmest of lip service and arrogantly seems to do nothing else.

This issue must be taken up for hearings by Congressional House oversight and investigated immediately before any more lives are ruined in the name of "free speech". Please contact congress now.


IT IS REPORTED THAT 50% OF AMERICAN KIDS EXPERIENCE ONLINE BULLYING EVERY YEAR. THAT IS A STAGGERING 30-PLUS MILLION KIDS SUBJECTED TO ONLINE TORMENT AND THE SINGLE BIGGEST OFFENDER BY FAR IS TWITTER. Last year, 4,400 kids committed suicide and the majority of that was from abuse and the worst offender of online abuse according to everything we have read and every expert to whom we have spoken is Twitter. This is psychological torment on a scale unimaginable at any prior point in human history. If the devil had his way with the world, he could hardly have done better. 

                    WHY THIS IS SERIOUS

Besides what we have shown you in our 17-minute video, here is why Twitter trolls - and the Twitter "Trust & Safety" - are extremely dangerous