​While we and many others were being savaged, threatened, defamed, having personal addresses given out, and having been subjects of attempted humiliation by trolls to the world at large, as well as being defamed by trolls in the eyes of congressmen and celebrities, we long warned the trolls that prior communications for the last two years had made us respected by and friendly with several Congressional House offices, as citizens can be friendly with the legislators and no more, and a Congressional investigation starting somewhere on the issue of the abuses taking place on Twitter would soon be coming  and would yield, in our opinion, an eventual day of reckoning. One such day of reckoning has now been announced as being on the fast track to being delivered and will itself be a form of deliverance. We feel certain there will be more such announcements from other committees in the months to come.

It is our opinion that just as Truthy apparently has much explaining to do, so, too, does Twitter. Suffice to say without going into detail, that since the material requested of us was about our investigations of Twitter, we feel confident, in our opinion, without divulging discussions, that the Congressional Committee of Science, Space and Technology may feel likewise.

To all those who would subjugate free speech of citizens, be it by censorship internet programs, posing, in our opinion, as prejudice-free academic investigations, or by old-fashioned one-on-one internet stalking, threats and criminal cyber-bullying, we say, "Watch out." The House is doing it's job and it looks to us from our discussions like they are meaning to carry out their responsibilities on these matters with no holds barred, fast and in a very big way.  

And remember, trolls, what we have told you for many months, so don't let anyone say you were not warned long, long ago while you were having your sadistic fun: "When the sh*t hits the fan, Obama will not write you a pardon." Rely on it.

Figuratively speaking, of course, trolls, if I were you, I'd find myself a nice underground bunker for the next ten years. Criminal cyber-bullying, and the intentional and/or negligent enabling of same, is a serious charge and carry severe, real-world criminal penalties. 

You can read all of the article on the House investigation HERE

You can read all of Chairman Smith's letter about truthy HERE

​Several days and a few phone conversations between Committee members and SOT's Kathy Amidon and Proe Graphique, quite a bit of information was relayed back and forth and we are extremely pleased to report that it is clear that the House is making no small effort on the matter of Truthy, the "intelligent Twitter/online reading/listening system" which in our opinion appears to be clearly abused for political purposes and which Stamp Out Trolls vehemently opposes, and also, apparently, the issues of Twitter abuse. 

Chairman Lamar Smith is to be much congratulated, in our opinion, for wasting no time immediately after the elections to get to work on this matter, and also to mince no words about the subject....

​Bad news for Trolls, great news for everyone else. At 7:50 AM on 11/06/2014, Stamp Out Trolls received a call from a senior member of the U.S. Congressional House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, requesting all of our investigatory material on Twitter, Twitter abuse and Twitter trolls for a meeting later that morning. After SOT immediately called back through the Congressional House main line and asked for the individual by name and speaking again, it was clear that the person was who (he/she) said (he/she) was and the request was indeed legit. The bad news for Twitter trolls is that Congress got everything they asked for from us on the same day. Out of respect, we waited until their official website made the announcement today, 11/10/2014, that an investigation was under way.