In our opinion Harvey is being extremely coy about her past before Twitter. PJFI is "Perverted Justice", widely decried by law enforcement, legal authorities and experts (see our video toward the end). Basically, before Dateline NBC paid them to 'identify" child molesters, a 15 minutes of fame which ended when one of their targets who refused to take the bait shot and killed himself when Dateline and Perverted Justice showed up at his house, PJ "vigilantes" used to sit around and target potential child molesters online for free, troll for information and then humiliate the targets, sometimes, apparently, harassing them on the telephone. This behavior, incidentally, regardless of the "nobel intent", is systematically exactly what the tolls, from whom Harvey is supposed to be protecting Twitter users, themselves do. Indeed, one former Perverted Justice member told ABC news that he left the group because when one of his targets began to talk of suicide (a different incident than that described above), the others (including Harvey?) told him it would be better if the targeted individual did kill himself and that the conscience-stricken PJ member should intensify his attacks on the target individual. The former member concluded that Perverted Justice, of which Harvey was one of the three top dogs, was involved in Perverted Justice activity for the sadistic thrill of harassing and humiliating people they targeted  and not so much in child safety, and that catching and humiliating pedophiles was just an excuse to satisfy their thirst for the sadistic thrill, apparently, of destroying other human beings.

Perverted Justice was, in our opinion, a terrible environment in which to train a head of Trust and Safety - apparently the only job Harvey ever held before being hired by the executive geniuses to protect Twitter users, the personal application of which, which most experts who call Twitter far and away the worst of the social media platforms when it comes to trolling, has been a disastrous failure which appears, in our opinion, to absolutely have cost real human lives.

It's time for Time for the Twitter Trust and Safety to act more mature than the children it has a duty to protect on the social media platform it created, and it is clear that before they can be trusted to do all they can at this point, they will have to be called before congress and read the riot act: grow up the fix the problem, or go away for good. Being able to hear about the latest teen heart-thob's scandal 12.4 seconds before you get it anywhere else is not worth the torture of many, many millions, and the apparent deaths of thousands at the hands of sadists so relentless and skillful that they drive children and adults alike to suicide after their lives and reputations have been ruined. 


In our opinion, the most unsettlingly bizarre Tweet ever put on Twitter comes from its own head of Trust and Safety. According to her caption, these are "Delbius Harvey"'s own - or her dog's - extracted teeth, which she apparently took the trouble to put on a black background, photograph and apparently cropped for just the right composition so she could share it to the world, with another self-referential caption, this time about her own sense of humor. 

Harvey 's own metallic gold sneakers, with self-referential caption about her uncertainty about whether she even likes them or not. But not a word about safety. Instead the kind of tweet we would expect from a 13-year-old girl. A 13-year-old girl, perhaps, like many who will never grow to be a 30-plus-year-old woman working as an exec with enough time on her hands in the face of the suicides of children to post things like this. Perhaps if Harvey was forced to attend the funeral of every person who ended his or her own life because of Twitter abuse, she might behave like someone with more important things to do than this.

She shares with us a new ice cream sandwich, a snapshot from a rock concert, flowers on her computer desk, a (in our opinion weird) few-second video of a plant to which she captions "Hullo Plant" and an image from an apparent favorite commercial, but nothing about how they have improved safety so people like UK's Labour politician Stella Creasy MP and US actress Ellen Page and endless other public figures - who got no plain/open warning when they signed up to the page with the pretty blue bird - don't need to worry anymore about the hundreds of terrifying rape and death threats like they each to a one have already received on on Twitter.... 

These pictures are not unusual samples - these are representative samples of what you find if you take a walk through Harvey's mind on her timeline... pictures of herself making faces, a seeming endless parade of her pets, esoterica like her old children's books, herself marching in some kind of rally, sharing an image of her airplane ticket.... but nothing about keeping women and children safe, so that many thousands of unwary human beings, from pre-teens to people like UK TV star Charlotte Dawson, are not driven to suicide because their reputations and lives have been ruined by sadistic Twitter trolls.... 


In our opinion, it seems Harvey's old Perverted Justice has a terrible reputation among those who have investigated it. Perverted Justice has been accused of entrapment, trolling, sadistic harassment, and the online dispersal of criminal child pornography (supposedly to embarrass pedophiles while apparently perhaps inadvertently breaking some of the very laws they claimed to be "enforcing", and while they did indeed work with several local police departments, from what we see, many more police departments than not refused to have anything to do with them). In our opinion, at the very best, they could be called intense but ignorant and confused. The worst they have been described by at least one ex-member was, in effect, malicious sadists. So our question which is critical is this....

Besides Delbius Harvey, how many more "Perverted Justice online vigilantes" are working in Twitter "Trust and Safety", with their finger on the suspend button and total power over everyone, and is this why many complain that trolls are running amok on Twitter while those who complain to Twitter about the trolls are suspended?

A page from NBC Dateline Producer Marsha Bartel's lawsuit against NBC

Could someone please tell us what the hell is going on among the executives at Twitter?  In our opinion this seeming childish, utter lack of empathy for the victims of Twitter trolls by Harvey and Twitter in general has more in common, in our opinion, with Twitter trolls themselves than the Twitter trolls' victims who they are supposed to protect from the torturous manifestations of the enabling agency that they, themselves, created.

But this is perhaps not surprising. Here is Harvey's amazingly slim, and in our opinion, extremely questionable, resume created by Harvey herself, with childish qualifier quoting a rapper. Interestingly, she never says anything, frankly, about even how they might try to make people safer except for some grandiose reference to legal components. Instead we get a cacophony of snippets from someone who apparently thinks she is being a clever and entertaining wordsmith, for which we assume we are supposed to admire her:


Harvey and her makeup artist. Not quite the same as the makeup applied to the kids by morticians so they would look good when their parents said goodbye after the torment on Twitter was too much for their young minds to bear and they ended their own lives, while Harvey Tweeted random moments from her life, creating a seeming shrine to her own existence, secure in the knowledge that she could always eliminate any unpleasant tweets to herself at the touch of a button which few if anyone else has.

A strange toy, an interesting drink, the hardworking safety crew at Twitter working hard for their .... "teatime/birthday party", but nothing about how they have improved screaming nightmares like sadists sending messages to Roblin William's daughter tormenting her over her father's death. 

Opinion and Report


(We put Del Harvey in quotes because according to public documents, her real name is apparently Alison Shea)

EVERYONE LIKES TO HAVE FUN.  OK. WE GET IT. But in our opinion there is something seriously wrong when the "VP Head of Trust and Safety" never tweets anything about trust and safety in the last year at least (did she once or twice? We might have missed it) and only tweets, in our opinion, like the millions of 14-year-olds she is charged to keep safe from criminal cyber-bullying and rape and death threats.  Twitter Trust and Safety is responsible for the online safety of 500 million people on a social media platform that has been castigated all over the world, from UK TV (watch our video) to France, whose judge's ruling to turn over the names of criminals Twitter ignored; from Tokyo Japan cyber-police who told us that Twitter is the worst place for the kinds of offenses to Canada cyber law enforcement which told us exactly the same thing only in harsher terms - Twitter is twice as bad as any other platform when it comes to criminal cyber-bullying and rape and death threats.  Given that, we expect more from Harvey's Twitter posts and pictures than endless pets, smarmy puns and other meaningless,  self-aggrandizing  fragments of her personal life.

How is it that Harvey has time for all this when thousands of kids kill themselves each year due to bullying, the majority of the online type of which appears to be coming from Twitter? We went back to march 2013 on her timeline and photos and found essentially nothing of substance on the issue of Trust and Safety of which Twitter is plainly failing horrifically before the world. We expect either more safety - much more safety - or less absurd and mindless childishness from a woman apparently over 30 who has enough time for this, pardon our opinion, bizarre idiocy (and we didn't ignore any references from her in tweets or photos about making people safer on Twitter - her supposed job - we just didn't find any) ....