KATHY AMIDON is the online face for a group called the TEA PARTY FIRE ANTS, with which SOT is aligned on the subject of trolls. While you may or may not have differing political views, all species of life above the level of protozoa can agree that no one should be subject to 24/7 harassment, death threats, cyber-stalking and non-stop defamation. Kathy is doing amazing things in changing the way Twitter operates, and has lawyers, police, cyber crime units, U.S. Congress and Tennessee legislators all working with determination to build a staggering case and strengthen the Tennessee laws and bring the ring of trolls committing these offenses against her to justice, and we believe the results of her actions, soon to be seen, will quickly run all the way up to the highest level of Twitter itself.

Here is Kathy's TEA PARTY FIRE ANTS' official website 


U.K. Autism Ambassador KEVIN HEALY has been a true hero in the U.K. for his courageous, media-heavy fight against sadistic, life-threatening Twitter Trolls and has done a terrific job for an astounding 6 years of calling out Twitter's so-called "Trust and Safety" for being utterly AWOL in any similance of the purpose that Twitter department name suggests.

Kevin has been all over British television for years, is a well-known celebrity on the subject, and keeps the fight at full-tilt on Twitter itself every day. He is a magnificent example of tenacity and truth and we consider him a friend. 

Please Visit his site at