Friend T.J. Harmon mysteriously not seen again here by anyone but T.J., and over and over on thread after thread. The same has been found to be true of most Stamp Out Troll supporters as well as Stamp Out Troll's own Twitter account. Will these tweets be reinstated after Twitter reads this? Maybe. But this game must end, and the best way for things like this to end is for you to tweet Stamp Out trolls info to the world, also. If Twitter, in our opinion, is going to try to censor us, at least let's make them work a little harder to do it or your opinion may be next to vanish to everyone but you.

... Harmon's Tweet is mysteriously missing. These are not random. The majority of Stamp Out Trolls Tweets were and are being discovered to be missing in exactly the same way: visible to the tweeter who thought they were communicating Stamp Out Trolls links to the world, but not being seen by anyone else. With 500 million users and millions of cyber-abuse cases happening every day, doesn't Twitter have anything better to do than, in our opinion, chase Stamp Out Trolls' supporters around, plainly censoring Tweets in the sneakiest way imaginable in protection of Twitter's apparent thin skin? 

Stamp Out Trolls supporter T.D. Harmon thought she was sharing the Stamp Out Trolls website link and video to fans of Glenn Beck. This is how Harmon saw the Tweet, just below Virginia Lynn's second tweet on the thread. But when anyone else looked at the thread....

... but when seen through Kathy's - or anyone else's account - Lisa's tweet leading people to Stamp Out Trolls and the video critical of Twitter is nowhere to be seen. Seem accidental to you? These are actual screenshots, and have not been retouched in any way.

Below, you see Stamp Out Trolls supporter Lisa Hampton being the only Tweeter on the Cybersmile thread (utterly on-topic for Stamp Out Trolls), as seen through Lisa's Twitter account. She thinks her tweet linking Stamp Out Trolls' website critical of Twitter and SOT's Video critical of Twitter is being seen by anyone who looks at the thread...

U.S. Congressional House Oversight Must Investigate Twitter Safety 


Del Harvey once told a reporter she would support Perverted Justice as long it the group existed. We wonder if that includes filling Twitter's "Trust and Safety" with Perverted justice vigilantes, who have been widely decried as everything from Irresponsible by several in law enforcement, to "nuts" by an NBC producer who worked with them, to sadistic by a former Perverted Justice member.  Is that the complexion of Twitter's "Trust and Safety"? In our opinion that is just exactly the way it looks, and Congress must investigate to find out. 

Here, , however, is the kind of thing that makes us believe, in our opinion, that Twitter Trust and Safety is absolutely crawling with Del Harvey's pals from Perverted Justice, doing to others what they did initially to online potential pedophiles (and apparently sometimes innocent men): trolling themTrolls who attack us and have attacked kathy Amidon and other TPFA members loop Harvey into the attacks, also appearing to be reporting anything said about her to her like subservient underlings (do you do that?!), @delbius; an appearance that gives us the opinion that the trolls are so cozy with Twitter's safety head Perverted Justice's Del Harvey that they initiate and unilaterally fearlessly cyber-bully us (without us ever having said a word to them, initially) in full view of Harvey herself. In this type of trolling, the trolls seem to couch their defamatory and antagonistic attacks (cyber-bullying is illegal) in terms of being a "public service" (sounds to us like Perverted Justice, again)  by 'warning" whoever we speak to in the form of defaming us. They do this all the time and Harvey clearly appears to do absolutely nothing about it, except , perhaps, we wonder, hi-fiving the trolls between cubicles at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters.

However, while Stamp Out Troll activists' tweets are randomly visible depending on which account through which you look for them, attacks  against Stamp Out Trolls are uniformly visible through every SOT account which has looked at the threads. In our opinion, extremely selective censorship indeed - with a purpose. Unpleasant things like this are being directed at SOT and the people doing the attacking are never suspended - or censored  (we have seen these same people, always showing up in couples and groups, doing this for years without fear of suspension, and you will see that one of them uses a crude epithet against Kevin Healy, a famous autism spokesperson and campaigner, and that is about as low as it gets before you are stepping into criminal territory). Del Harvey's action against these antagonists who follow us around and volunteer attacks unprovoked? Zero. Their accounts still remain up, robust and active.

Example two, below, Shows Stamp Out Trolls friend Emily not being able to retweet UK autism campaigner Kevin Healy's (120K followers, who follows us) Tweet. Healy is an active campaigner also against Twitter trolls. Several Stamp Out Trolls activists were "informed" that Healy had blocked them from retweeting him. There is only one problem: Healy never blocked any of them. So who did? Another coincidental tech glitch at Twitter experienced by a group critical of Twitter while trying to protect millions of women and kids? We think not.

Several Stamp Our Trolls activists do not show up when we check the Congressmen's threads via outside accounts, once again, but it looks - again - like they are being seen to the Tweeters themselves, and so are not ordinarily inclined to complain because they are not aware that they are (in our opinion) being censored by Twitter administrators. Is this what happens when you put someone who apparently never finished college, and whose only listed job before Twitter was trolling child molesters with  "Perverted Justice", in charge of Twitter Trust and Safety? In our opinion, yes.

Likewise, look at some of our threads to Congressmen, like this one. Unless after reading this Twitter fixes it, you will see different ones missing when seen through different accounts. This has been confirmed not only by us but by three respected news writers who know us (and are considering doing stories about it).  The following thread is compiled in photoshop from tweets which needed to be found by looking through different accounts, and often only seen on occasion by the tweeters themselves (who sent screenshots to us of tweets others could not see). Are these otherwise missing tweets another coincidental tech glitch? In our opinion, no way. There are too many "technical glitch coincidences" when it comes to calling out Twitter for failing to properly police it's own social network platform - though they appear vigilant and dedicated indeed when it comes to policing tweets critical of the way Twitter deals with trolls. 

The first example concerns well-known and respected writer Janie Johnson. We suspect that the powers-that-be at Twitter didn't care for the idea of our message being broadcast in a friendly way by someone of renown to her 80,000+ Followers. This has happened to our Tweets repeatedly with others, and yet never happens to others to whom we have spoken about this. Coincidental tech glitch? We say "baloney".

Is Twitter Censoring Stamp Out Trolls on Twitter?

It's a rhetorical question, of course. In our opinion the answer is "yes".

In the few days we have been up and running as of this writing, October 23, 2014, there has been example after example which point to the clear suspicion that there is at least one person working in Twitter "Trust and Safety" who should be paying attention to the 500 million people who need to be protected and is instead paying attention to us. And we suspect a group of them working inside Twitter because they move and attack often as a group, this same crowd, looping each other in, over and over. Here, in our opinion, are manifestations of real censorship as only Twitter has this kind of control. We would be interested to hear or read them explain how else these things could happen besides the tiresome innocent blaming of faulty technology or blaming trolls for exploiting Twitter code, which, if ever true, Twitter has refused to repair.