OPINION: TWITTER TROLLS MUST BE STOPPED with solutions on how to stop them.
By David Rosler

Twitter Trolls, by the thousands/millions, are (now-officially-clinically-defined) psychopathic sadists who, exploiting the speed, size and anonymity of Twitter, do that which their predecessors could only have dreamed: gleefully gratify their sadistic thirst on a massive scale until countless numbers of innocent and unwary citizens around the world have their lives ruined; too often literally committing suicide to end the torment. And Twitter, in its crafted pseudo-benign, free-speech-pontificating, does seemingly nothing about it.

We called several law enforcement agencies around the world to see what their situations are regarding Twitter, cyber-bullying and related suicide and the results are very interesting. But first, statistics on Twitter and cyber-bullying in the U.S. so we’re all on the same page on the issue in America.

​  Just this past August, 2014, Computer World magazine cited Twitter as by far the worst of social media in terms of enabling sadistic, threatening trolls.
“Most of the biggest, worst or highest-profile trolling incidents -- as well as cases of harassment, threats and abuse -- occur on Twitter these days… If you're a woman, a youth, an LGTB person, a minority or a celebrity -- or just someone who wants to interact in the full light of day without ever being harassed by trolls and haters -- delete your Twitter account and start using Google+.”

​The horror of Twitter Trolls and what they cause may be the most under-reported nightmare in all of human history, and that’s not a joke. On the issue of child cyber-bullying and related suicide, alone: According to the 2010 U.S. census, there are approximately 75 million Children in the U.S. According to reports such as those at NoBullying.com, over 50% of American kids have reported being cyber-bullied :  that’s an absolutely mind-bending 37,500,000 (thirty-seven million, five hundred thousand) kids victimized by cyber bullying.

​ Stats show that about 20% of kids that are cyber bullied seriously consider suicide. 20% of 37,500,000 is 7,500,000 - seven million, five-hundred-thousand kids considering killing themselves every year because of being emotionally abused on the internet. 8% of those make a serious attempt to kill themselves, and that means 600,000 seriously try to take their own lives. Approximately 4,500 kids actually killed themselves in the US last year. The degree to which internet abuse was directly responsible for the actual suicides appears to not be statistically available - yet. But, for example, half of UK child suicides were related to bullying, and the slight majority of that to cyber bullying, and Twitter appears twice as bad as its nearest rival in cyber-bullying/harassment.

From Fox News: “A recent study in the Journal of Adolescent Health showed that kids who are bullied are three to five times more likely to have suicidal thoughts or make an attempt than those who are not… social media intensifies bullying too, following kids wherever they are and showcasing information for everyone to see. ‘It brings up significant feelings of rejection, low self-esteem, and hopelessness,’ said Dr. Elizabeth Waterman clinical psychologist at Morningside Recovery Center in Newport Beach, Calif.”

​The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)(2013)reports that teen suicide in 15 to 24 year olds has increased at a rate of about six percent. For those aged 10 to 14, that increase has been 100 percent.   National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) stats very generally correspond to these numbers.

Regarding adults, specifically, the New York Times recently reported that suicide among adults in the U.S. rose an almost unbelievable 30(!) percent since 2009, now killing more American adults than car accidents.

​ We found this correlation of statistics particularly alarming: Psychology Today reported that the suicide rate among adults increased 28%. Cyberbully.us has a graph indicating a cyberbully/harassment increase of 25.2%. This is a one-to-one correlation within a 3-point margin of error. We’re not talking mere unhappiness, now. We’re talking people being driven to suicide because of social media. Certainly there are other factors involved, but the numbers are so close that there is clearly a significant correlation. Only a fool – or a troll - would ignore a “coincidence” so close.

​The World Health Organization estimated that globally, suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15- to 20-year-olds. It used to be the third leading cause. That changed in the last few years and seems to also correlate in terms of growth with the growth of cyber-bullying stats. In other words, cyberbully stats are skyrocketing and so is suicide at nearly the same rate. There is a plainly obvious connection.

​To get a better sense of how Twitter was effecting users generally, we placed several international calls to agencies in countries who are the firm U.S. allies to try to get some feedback. Here is what we have so far (come back often for updates)

​ ​Canada

SOT’s Kathy Amidon spoke to Canada’s Shawn Marshall (Det. 8003, Intelligence Division – C3) who stated that their anti-cyber-crime unit was relatively new and while working hard, because of being new and migrating to new report software, their crime unit had not yet compiled hard statistics, which seems to be often the same situation at this point in time around the world. However, Detective Marshall did include this to be quoted among his responses to questions in an e-mail one day after Kathy spoke to him:  .

“(Question by us) 2. How many of those (cyber abuse cases) or what percentage specifically has any mention of Twitter?

From my experience in this office, I can say that it would be roughly half of the cases we have investigated. Email and Facebook would be tied for 2nd to round out the top three.” 

​ What detective Marshall is saying is that of the top three internet sources of cyber-abuse, 50% percent is coming from Twitter, 25% from Facebook and 25% from E-mail. In other words, Twitter is twice as bad when it comes to cyber abuse than the nearest two ‘competitors” in Canada. Twitter is way out in front in the Horror Horserace in Canada.


​Thus far the MET Police (Scotland Yard) are taking the position (at least to us) that such information is still classified and is not releasing figures except as official public releases. However, UK’s NSPCC regarding online child abuse reports that in 2009 cyberbullying effected 29% of all UK children. As of march 2104, that number was up to 38%. There are approximately 17 million kids in the UK. That’s over 6 million kids cyber-abused every year, and the way these incidents are being reported in the UK press, like Canada, the clear majority is coming from Twitter.

Regarding adults in the UK, this from 2013; “(Reuters) - Twitter, the social media site, is under pressure in Britain to make it easier for Internet users to report abuse after more than 30,000 people petitioned it over the case of a feminist campaigner who says she was repeatedly threatened with rape.”

Caroline Criado-Perez was in fact threatened on Twitter many hundreds of times.  Britain’s Labour Party, officially, has been quoted as saying the response from Twitter has been totally inadequate. In response to Twitter having the gall to blow off any responsibility and say “call the cops”:  "Of course it is right to report such abuse to the police," Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper wrote. "But social media platforms also have a responsibility for the platform they give users."

Of course.  We thank our friends across the pond for saying it straight-up.

Tokyo, Japan

Kathy spoke to Officer Kodayashi at the Tokyo Police department who is the officer who handles internet abuse. He said while newer statistics were still being compiled, they had been receiving a lot more complaints in the last year about cyber abuse, with a clear majority, he said, having to do with Twitter.

Outdated research, just to put some numbers here, shows that in Japan, 17% of youth between the ages of 8-17 were victim to online bullying activities. Officer Kodayashi made it clear that those numbers are no longer relevant and are much higher and Twitter was leading social network where cyber abuse was happening. Cyberbully-related suicide rates for Japan were not available.

​   Australia

Cyber safety expert Susan McLean told the Courier Mail that nearly a third of Australian teens reported being cyber bullied and the real number of bullying deaths was much higher than the official figures. We are still awaiting firm stats from Australia but we decided to run with this story, now, anyway. It should be noted that Australian and New Zealand TV has covered Twitter-specific abuse a great deal, especially since hugely popular Australian/New Zealand TV host Charlotte Dawson committed suicide on February 22, 2014, apparently specifically and unequivocally because of the endless torment she and her reputation endured on Twitter.  

New Zealand

New Zealand authorities have no compiled specific stats, yet, per se, for public release, but referred us to Lee Chisholm at Netsafe, a New Zealand Cyber-crime watchdog and resource center, and Ms. Chisholm also said there were no compiled stats as of yet, but did give us some very interesting Ministerial material.

​ Twitter is mentioned by name 16 times (unflatteringly) in the Wellington, New Zealand |August 2012 Ministerial Briefing Paper, HARMFUL DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS: The adequacy of the current sanctions and remedies (http://www.lawcom.govt.nz/sites/default/files/ministerial_briefing_-_harmful_digital_communications.pdf). Quotes like this from the Ministerial paper do not reflect well on Twitter, to be sure:

“3.62 An individual submitter who had been the subject of defamatory publications on Twitter described her frustration at the lack of remedies available to her…  ‘I have reported my case to the police, but they are unwilling to act as direct threats were not made. Twitter claims no rules were broken despite the obvious defamatory content and Google won’t even entertain my complaint unless it is backed by a ‘law enforcement agency’.  I do feel powerless to act to protect my reputation.’”

​This is not whining about defamation without consequence. Later, the Government Report continues,

“3.71 The submitter who went to the Police after becoming aware of defamatory statements about her on Twitter provides a good example of why it is not always possible to quarantine or ignore content on the web. This person was not an avid user of new media but her attention was drawn to the defamatory posts by a journalist who had googled her name while researching a business story. The submitter discovered that anyone seeking her out on the web, including prospective employers and business clients, was being directed by the search engine to the offensive content.”

So much for “Don’t Feed the Trolls” as a sensible way to deal with trolls. Forget that. In other words, some troll she never even heard of ruined her business prospects, probably for the rest of her life, by being a jerk – just like they can do to you at any moment they feel like it and you are utterly helpless to save your reputation anywhere in the world – and Twitter told the aggrieved woman that the troll wasn’t even breaking Twitter rules. If that is true, then in our opinion Twitter should take itself offline and not come back up until it – and its rules – are totally redesigned from the ground up.

The Ministerial Report ads, “It is worth noting that while those with a Trade Me account can browse (Trade Me) message boards, the company has chosen to architect the site in such a way as to preclude Google or other search engines from indexing content on (Trade Me) message boards.”

​This, by the way, is exactly what has happened to some of us and Twitter told us, too, that obvious trolls who defamed, threatened and posted personal addresses on Twitter were not breaking the Twitter rules – we have the screenshots and the e-mails from Twitter so stating. IMO Twitter seems like a place that wants people to be tormented by sadists and suffer ruin and heartbreak. Considering that "Del Harvey", Twitter’s head of Trust and Safety, had a previous job (perhaps only previous job from the look of her profile) working for “Perverted Justice”, a small group of ‘vigilantes” whom  law enforcement and legal experts have defined as a – guess what – a trolling operation, we find the connect-the-dots almost too perfect in a truly horrendous kind of way. Why hire Harvey in the first place with such a slim and questionable resume? We’d like to know.

​​The only way you can break the Twitter rules, by our experience, is to insult trolls in your own defense or report trolls to Twitter which often gets YOU suspended. That’s been our experience. As one New Zealander sports figure said on TV, “(Twitter experience) is a bloody nightmare.”


Israel is basically on a condition of red alert 24/7, and have no time, they told us, to deal with the issue of cyber-abuse and in that context, we don’t blame them and hope things in that region cool down to a sensible temperature soon.  

Germany and France

We are still awaiting information from them on this subject but language is proving more of a difficulty with those two countries then it was for us contacting and getting a statement from Japan (which took a bit of doing, admittedly). They too, have no firm stats compiled - yet. However, a goggle search shows the same pattern and Twitter appears to have been stunning enough to completely ignore a French court’s ruling to turn over the names of criminal cyber-bullies, who broke France’s anti-hate-speech laws, for prosecution. The critics of Twitter in France would appear to be correct: Twitter is protecting the identities of criminal cyber-trolls.

​   Back to the U.S., Twitter and the world: One big problem is that most people assume that if Twitter itself does nothing about the troll problem, nothing can or will change. They are wrong. Things can be done whether Twitter likes it or not.  

The world is plainly at a literal crossroads as you read this. The question has snuck up on the world as such things often do, such as communism; the rise of fascism; global terrorist cells plotting the murder of millions. QUESTION: will the world accept the ruin and terrorizing of millions of innocent lives for no better reason than a flypaper-like social media platform is (24/7, as you read this) inviting the innocent in without plain and obvious warning up front and then does nothing of meaningful significance to protect them before or after their lives are ruined? I dare say the kinds who get ruined on Twitter not only don’t read Twitter’s legalese-thick terms of service, they most likely don’t even understand it. The same may be true for many adults, because the child-like artwork used to welcome people is in exceedingly stark contrast to the experience. One might even be able to make the case that it’s false advertising. So much for ‘fair warning”. Perhaps the sign-in page at Twitter should have the word Twitter written in art that looks like contrasty, rusty razor blades with video-game-style blood splattered all over the screen. In my opinion, that would be a better visual metaphor for the social experience too many have experienced on Twitter.

​Will the world accept all this because a handful of elite, Obama-embracing liberal corporate businessmen in San Francisco have unleashed the agency of such a global nightmare without bothering to ensure it had the protections in place beforehand to prevent such a collapse of global societal boundaries, the rectification of which is beyond the scope of authorities because of the instantaneous nature of Twitter and the reality of legal jurisdiction limitations? Is this the world’s "New Normal", and you’re not hip if you don’t accept it?

​ No. Accepting that is not appropriate in a normal, free world. Liberal, conservative, any color or race or religion, we can all agree that this is totally and completely unacceptable in a very big way. Rarely can almost everyone agree on one thing. IMO we can all agree on this. And we're going to show you what can be done about it. That's not a hollow promise. We know how to get things done.  

Twitter repeating its mantra for the last four years, this time re-phrased as “evaluating how we can further improve our policies to better handle tragic situations like this one" is not enough.

The first step to fixing this problem is easy for Twitter and we suspect they would have done it long ago if they, frankly, gave a damn. It’s ridiculously simple and easy. And it is an outrage against all humanity – almost literally - that they have not done it already. It's at the top of this page. Warn people of the horror they are walking into. ​​If you are going to create and then maintain a social media platform which is barely more than a fertile compost-heap in which to grow criminal cyber-bullying trolls like weeds in the summer, you might as well give people a head's up about the dangers to which millions of people will be subjected when they walk unknowingly into the poisonous social scorpion pit which is too often exactly what Twitter has proven to be. Twitter should at least be honest about it by warning people.  At least be honest.  At least be that.   Twitter is not some otherwise fine operation hampered by a tiny fraction of a few bad apples as some would like to suggest. By creating the communication platform Twitter, which it did voluntarily, Twitter creators and executives have clearly done something no form of communication has ever done in the history of the world: it has unleashed to a degree previously unimaginable the collective horror of millions of sadistic madmen upon an innocent world. That is no exaggeration. That’s the reality that confronts us. Ask the countless women who each have received thousands of rape and death threats on Twitter. Ask those who had madmen showing up near or at their homes after that person’s info was posted on Twitter to hundreds of thousands of people all at once –instantly - with no way to recall the data.

As Computer World , Tokyo’s police department, Canadian cyber crime task force and others have said, when it comes to threats and abuse, Twitter is by far the worst of them all.

​If you want to read some disturbing facts about Twitter’s operation, be sure to read, ADDITIONAL FACTS below this second solution. Not everyone wants all the gory details so first here then is the second set of solution for you to do and do you need to.

If you are in America, you need to contact the Republican Congressional House Representatives and tell them they need to investigate and hold Twitter accountable. THIS WORKS. WE KNOW. WE’VE DONE IT REPEATEDLY TO TERRIFIC EFFECT on House resolutions which were in dire need of congressional co-sponsors.

​The simple fact is that in all the world, only the GOP House has the legal oversight authority to investigate a free-market business in the United States and force them to adhere to their demands. They have taken car manufacturers to task for faulty tires, forced online gambling to modify its methods and made determinations which effect commerce on a very large scale. Those are silly things compared to this. It is more than past time that citizens from around the world demand that the Republican-led Congressional House of Representatives take on Twitter’s lack of user protections. The American congressional list of appropriate congressmen to contact on this issue is below the words to our overseas friends.

If you are in another country like Britain and Australia, which has been seething often on television about Twitter Trolls, you can contact the US House via the same contacts on, ironically enough, Twitter and also call your Prime Minster’s offices and tell them to contact the US House Representatives. Don't stop inundating them with demands until they make public announcements that they have done it.  

UK Prime Minster
Phone: (We suggest the deputy Prime Minister’s Press Office)
020 7276 2544
Twitter: @Number10gov
Please tell them you want the Prime Minster to contact the US congressional House representatives, listed below, to do something since it is clear that twitter itself cannot be relied upon to do anything but throw out corporate gibberish when lives are at stake.  

Australian Prime Minster
Twitter: @TonyAbbottMHR

France, Prime Minister

​ We are proven past masters at moving congress in the proper direction on a given issue. We know what we are talking about. If you want to get rid of the Twitter trolls once and for all, this is the only way to do it, and the Republican House would be happy to do it for you if you only but ask.





​ Washington, D.C. 20515

Phone: (202) 225-5431

​ ----------------- The Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet -shall have jurisdiction over the following subject matters:

​ Administration of U.S. Courts, Federal Rules of Evidence, Civil and Appellate Procedure, judicial ethics, copyright, patent, trademark law, information technology, other appropriate matters as referred to by the Chairman and relevant oversight.

  Washington, DC 20515-3306

Phone: (202) 225-3065


Tom Marino; Vice Chairman

​ @RepTomMarino

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202-225-3731


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner


Washington, D.C. 20515-4905

Telephone: (202) 225-5101

​ =====================

Rep. Lamar Smith


Washington, DC 20515

phone: 202-225-4236

​ ==========================

Rep. Steve Chabot


Washington, D.C. 20515

Phone: (202) 225-2216


Rep. Darrell Issa


​ Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202-225-3906


Rep. Ted Poe


Washington, DC 20515

​ (202) 225-6565

(866) 425-6565 toll free


Rep. Jason Chaffetz


Washington, DC 20515

(202) 225-7742

​ ===========================

Rep. George Holding


Washington, DC 20515

​ Phone: 202-225-3032


Rep. Chris Collins


Washington, DC 20515

​ Phone: 202-225-5265


Rep. Ron DeSantis


Washington, DC 20515

​ Phone: 202-225-2706


The Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice shall have jurisdiction -over the following subject matters: constitutional amendments, constitutional rights, Federal civil rights, ethics in government, tort liability, including medical malpractice and product liability, legal reform generally, other appropriate matters as referred by the Chairman, and relevant oversight.  


Rep. Jim Jordan,


​ @Jim_Jordan

Washington, DC 20515

​ (202) 225-2676


​ Rep Randy Forbes


Washington, D.C. 20515

(202) 225 - 6365

Rep. Steve King


​ Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202.225.4426

Rep. Gohmert


Washington, DC 20515

​ (202) 225-3035


The Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations -shall have jurisdiction over the following subject matters: Federal Criminal Code, drug enforcement, sentencing, parole and pardons, internal and homeland security, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, prisons, criminal law enforcement, and other appropriate matters as referred by the Chairman, and relevant oversight.  

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner,
​ Chairman;

Rep. Louie Gohmert,


Rep. Spencer Bachus


Washington, DC 20515

ph: (202) 225-4921


​ Rep. Trent Franks


Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-4576


Rep Trey Gowdy


Washington, DC 20515

​ Phone: (202) 225-6030


Rep. Raul Labrador


Washington, D.C. 20515

Phone: (202) 225 - 6611

​ ====================================



1.     Twitter executives hired “Delbius(?!) Harvey” (apparent aka Al(l)ison Shea) to head Twitter safety and security. The problem here IMO is that according to her linked-in profile, incredibly, she apparently only ever held one job in her entire life before joining Twitter: being what has been called almost universally an “online vigilante” for the extremely questionable group Perverted Justice, which has been repeatedly described as a – guess what? - ”trolling operation.” A troll to stop the trolls, or the fox guarding the henhouse at Twitter? With approximately 300,000 technical specialists in the San Francisco Bay area alone, and who knows how many social media managerial types, Twitter execs, in their staggering brilliance, chose a woman with apparently almost no work history to speak of whatsoever for the job and what work history she does have is extremely questionable to say the least. Is this San Francisco far-left groovy hip counter-culture at its most obvious? This is alarming considering that that the New York Times and others have stated that internet trolling is dramatically on the rise, but cannot cite a clear cause.

​ 2.     Obama and Twitter seem to have an unnaturally close relationship, particularly for Twitter which one assumes would like to at least appear to not harbor political prejudice against the right. Obama appoints from Twitter and Twitter hires from Obama – and this means top-level posts. So what is it about Obama, specifically? Obamacare is killing AIDs and cancer patients who can no longer afford medicines in some states, the economy is now officially the worst since the Great Depression of the 1920's, people like Loretta Fuddy who handled his birth certificate die mysteriously (she in a mysterious plane crash) and Obama's favorite social media, Twitter, with whom he has a very close relationship, plainly, is the worst social media platform by far according to experts when it comes to internet abuse, which is driving thousands of people to suicide every year. I mean, does Obama simply tread heartbreak and total disaster on the soles of his shoes, or what?  

3. From ABC NEWS’ scathing – and sometimes alarming – print-version report on Del Harvey's old group, Perverted Justice:

“Critics say the group -- whose members insist on anonymity themselves -- is nothing more than an Internet lynch mob that operates in the same kinds of shadows they claim to illuminate.”

​ “Woloson (a former Perverted Justice” member) does question the volunteers' basic motivation. He believes the site's members are not motivated by a desire to protect kids, but instead by the "kick" they get from going after the targets. He fears that the "kick" makes them reckless and clouds their judgment.... But Woloson says the thrill went sour for him when a chatter he was harassing threatened to commit suicide. Woloson says he expressed concern on the site's forums, hoping to open up a discussion with some of his fellow Perverted-Justice volunteers.

"They laughed," he said. "They said that if he did kill himself that would be OK, but that he was probably just trying to worm his way out of it and it meant that they should intensify the harassment against him."

IMO, this is an example, plainly, if true, of sadistic trolling, and Del Harvey, now Twitter’s head of “Trust and Safety” (?!), was deeply involved with the group “Perverted Justice”, as apparently one of the three people running it at the top.

  4.    Perverted Justice essentially admitted that this was their way of operating: 1. Identify target. 2. Get close and gather info. 3. Humiliate online.

Our problem with this in regard to TWITTER, and many of you are already way ahead of me, here: that is exactly how the majority of sadistic trolls operate: 1. Identify target, 2. Get close and gather info, 3. Humiliate online.

We are very uncomfortable, in our opinion, with Del Harvey being head of Twitter Trust and Safety given her slim work history and that of which it comprised given the similarity to what both Perverted Justice did and what online trolls do.

  5.   REUTERS: 

In political messaging wars, White House deploys a Twitter army

By Roberta Rampton

WASHINGTON Sun Nov 3, 2013 6:41pm EST

​   Regarding the Obama Administration’s use of Twitter politically: …. "It's essentially public shaming," said Levick's LaMotte (head of digital communications practice at Levick, who advises major corporations on using social media.) , wondering whether the White House's Twitter strategy has dialed up the tension in the administration's already adversarial relationship with some conservatives….”

(editor: Public shaming, among other things, IS trolling, often almost by definition. The White House clearly employs Twitter trolls which Twitter allows to function in violation of its own terms of service. Unacceptable and way beneath the behavior of a sitting President.


“PJFI set up a web site and started paying "Von Erck," treasurer Dennis Kerr, and secretary Allison Shea $120,000 annual salaries. Shea and Kerr were active volunteers for Perverted Justice prior to the NBC deal; Shea, who also goes by the name Del Harvey, is now Twitter's “director of trust and safety”

​  “"Von Erck" was an odd partner for a national news organization—he looked like Kevin Smith, called the civilian victims of al Qaeda "shameless and pathetic" on his blog, and once pretended to be a woman to seduce an online enemy in an attempt to ruin him. “

  7.     OPERATION AWARENESS.COM reported allegations that Perverted Justice members re-posted child pornography images obtained from pedophiles, which itself is a serious crime. This they did to further humiliate the individuals they had deduced were pedophiles. There are also allegations that Perverted Justice mis-labeled many men as pedophiles and humiliated and damaged their lives – this with no connection whatsoever, apparently at the time, to any police association. While no one likes pedophiles, IMO what is alleged is further evidence that Perverted Justice was a trolling operation. Why would this kind of job experience be appropriate for Twitter’s head – the top person(!) – at their “Trust and Safety” department?! You can bet that I don’t trust them! Not after all this! Not for a second!

8.     Esquire Magazine had a very long, in-depth recounting, still available online, of the suicide of a city official which was apparently prompted in significant part by the actions of Perverted Justice for which Perverted Justice has been very widely condemned:

Tonight on Dateline This Man Will Die

NBC's "To Catch a Predator" arrived in Murphy, Texas, to conduct a sting operation. The only honest thing that followed was the gunshot.



1.     How many past or present members of “Perverted Justice’ are also working at Twitter? How many have there been all told since Del Harvey started working there?

2.     Ask all executives, who are VERY close to the Obama Administration (they hire from Obama, he gives them places on advisory boards) if any discussions were ever between any Twitter executives and President Obama or anyone under him to orchestrate a democrat-specific election win?

3.     How many of Twitter’s “trust and safety” are in fact operating as the trolls they are meant to stop? Perverted Justice has been accused of being a troll operation by too many people who would know, including law enforcement, to skip that question, and it must be answered before a congressional committee under threat of perjury.

​ 4.     Twitter executives must answer what it was about Del Harvey’s experience and credentials (Just one job on her profile before Twitter; apparently vigilante trolling and humiliating people in their opinion were pedophiles with Perverted Justice) that made them think that she would be the best person of the many thousands available from Silicon Valley to head up Trust and safety. They may say it's nobody's business, but given the disasterous state of Twitter troll abuse, the question is absolutely fair. This is no game.  

5.     Did Twitter hire Harvey in spite of an alleged background of full-time trolling, or did the ultra-leftist corporation hire her to actually run a trolling operation – against conservatives while letting the global society - including liberals - go to hell so the political aspect was hidden in the haystack of online abuse? IMO, while admittedly highly speculative, under the circumstances, it’s a question well worth asking.  

6.     And this one, personally, from me: with all the terror and emotional hardship caused by the Twitter platform’s operation, how do you sleep with yourselves at night? Had I invented Twitter, I absolutely, positively would have taken it down in weeks or months after launch and re-designed it when I saw the horror it was inviting, and not just give hollow lip service to the world when called out for all the pain, abuse and, yes, documented suicides the Twitter social media platform has either contributed or directly led to.  

​ No more excuses from Twitter. No more accepting lip service and hollow assurances year after year which lead to nothing while major media reports that online abuse is dramatically on the rise and too many reliable sources claim that Twitter is by far the worst offender.  


It can be won but we need your help. Please donate often and generously.

 STAMP OUT TROLLS can only exist with your donations  No one else is taking on this massive fight.