Who we Are / Our Mission

Stamp Out Trolls is a small collection of media and marketing specialists who, having been victimized by trolls ourselves and, looking deeply into the problem and having discovered a horrendous underworld of sadistic psychopaths (the clinical definition of trolls, now, not our definition),  have decided to do something about it by calling mainstream attention to the problem and developing and then demanding the implementation of solutions to end this horror. Being at the mercy of a tiny minority of sick and sadistic individuals is not how the world should resign itself to be. At no time has the world or any free country resigned itself to being at the mercy of sick, malicious losers who have nothing better to do than "entertain" themselves by ruining the lives of others, sometimes causing such fear, distress and destruction of reputation that their victims kill themselves to end the horror. That is the world as Hitler would have had it. That is the world as Stalin would have had it. That is the world, frankly, as the devil would have it. We say no to the world resigning itself to a minority of sick losers. Join us and support our efforts - perhaps the first time ever that any group has decided to stop this problem with head-on solutions.